“Take benefit of five before five. Your youth before your old age, your health before your sickness, your wealth before your poverty, your free time before you’re preoccupied, and your life before your death.” Prophet Muhammed (SAW).

This Hadith is very well known. But when we are young and we stumble upon it, we put it in our mind and then it gets lost somewhere. (more…)

monday morning inspiration

Happy Monday! The following are a few quotes from this book that I am currently reading that have inspired me to think genuinely positive thoughts. Enjoy!

  • “Train yourself to recognize your thoughts, to better understand your feelings, and remember: you are not your (negative) thoughts”
  • “If it doesn’t go against the teachings of Islam and brings you joy – then go do it”
  • “Watch out for irrational thinking such as the belief that life (including you) should be perfect”
  • “Make peace with the fact that we don’t get everything we want in this life”

Also here’s my random tip of the day! A great way to prevent bad breath during fasting is to take a spoon or tongue scraper and just scrape your tongue anytime you feel your breath is not so fresh. This gets rid of the bad breath, leaves your mouth feeling cleaner, and also doesn’t break your fast in the process. Try it this Ramadan and let me know how it works for you!

For more on the book I’m reading, click below!


All of us have them, those dreaded days where you feel that things could not get any worse or what feels like all your difficulties are coming all in one instance, and goals seem unachievable. This post is meant to reflect on how to get through those types of days.
Tip # 1: Pray, Pray, Pray
It’s important to perform your daily prayers while having a bad day or feeling like you are having a setback in life. In fact it becomes actually a remedy and helps keep you focused. It takes your mind off of your difficulties and helps keep you focused on your true purpose in life. It helps you realize that prayer is not a burden, but more of a safe haven.

Tip #2: Stick to most of your To-Do list

When you are trying to obtain goals, you hopefully have a list or some type of reminder to remind yourself of daily tasks that you need to accomplish in order to achieve your goals. When suffering from a setback on your goals or in life in general, it’s important to try to do as much as you can on your list. It makes you feel like you are actually working towards your goals, and refocuses your energy, negative thoughts, and feelings you are having at the moment into something productive. When things seem out of control, it’s important to remind yourself of what it is that you can control and what you can do to move forward so that you regain some of that control, and feel more at peace.


my-morning-routine3Last week Saleha talked about the benefits of having a morning routine in her article. This week I thought I’d share with our readers my morning routine that helps me take baby steps towards big goals I have. Although I am a mother of two young kids, my morning routine focuses on me and getting myself in the right state of mind in order to start my day playing all the roles I play as I raise two young boys. This routine starts before the kids get up, and I just started doing this last year as my youngest started to sleep for longer periods at night.  Hence if you are a mom of very young kids don’t worry about keeping a “routine,” as young children are unpredictable and require you to be flexible. If you are not a parent, get started on a productive routine that will help you start the day in the right state of mind. This is what mine looks like:

  • 5:30 – Get up, make wudu and revise my memorization from yesterday and if time allows memorize one more Ayah (verse) of the Quran
  • 6:00 – Pray fajr and review/continue to memorize Quran if needed
  • 6:30 – Do 10 minutes of Bayyinah Tv’s Arabic with Husna
    6:45 – This is where my 3 year old will get up, use the bathroom and go back to sleep.  After he sleeps, I write 3 things that I am grateful for in my grateful journal and than I read for 10-15 minutes (this month it’s this book)

By this time it’s 7:30 and if the kids are still sleeping, I will listen to a short beneficial lecture

Why this routine:


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