Assalamu Alaykum Readers!

Hope you all had a wonderful Ramadan and Eid.  This Ramadan was a rejuvenating one for me.  its funny how we forget so many concepts that make our lives simple and easy and how fasting and praying in this blessed month can revive these much needed concepts.  Shaytan works on this forgetful nature of Insan to divert him from the straight path.  This is why the reminder is so necessary for the believer and why this month long training provides that reminder and seeks to build habits that work to defeat the shaytan and our nafs outside of Ramdan.  Below are few short reflections and reminders I had during this month that were enormous in helping me 1. to drop negative habits, 2. motivate me to do good, 3. in adding excitement and variety to my life.

  1.  “Quran Lives in the hearts of people.”–Nouman Ali Khan (great motivator to memorize the Quran)
  2. Ramadan is a great way to build a routine that focuses on making the two often missed prayers, Fajr and Isha.  In ramadan it is almost impossible to  miss these, since suhoor and taraweeh are around these prayer times, hence teaching us that we are able to make these prayers outside of Ramadan as well.  It also teaches us that if we fix the way we spend our morning and night, we can gear our day towards productivity and prevent laziness
  3. I realized this Ramadan how much our lives are filled with things that are unnecessary and bring us no pleasure.  Things such as excessive clothes, makeup , excessive food, or excessive entertainment.  And it shows us how we are lacking in things that do bring us happiness…i.e. the Quran, salah, good Ikhlaq, good relationship with family and with our community at large.
  4. This Ramadan served as a reminder that when your mind becomes cluttered with useless entertainment, strange ideas start to form that bring you no joy and are simply not true.  For example in my mind the idea had formed that life can be perfect in the dunya.  So every time I had a problem, I would focus on perfecting myself or others or the circumstances and get frustrated if I encountered the same problem again.  This Ramadan I remembered the place that is perfect, the place where there really ARE no problems: Jannah.  And I remembered that I was working towards that and not towards a problem free life in this dunya.  Problems were here in this dunya as a test and instead of building qualities such as patience and gratefulness, I was distracting myself with useless entertainment that made me unable to see the problems as opportunities to get closer to Allah.  I had forgotten a simple concept, that nothing in this dunya is perfected for you.  There is no perfect house, no perfect outfit, no perfect spouse and no perfect situation in this world that will give you complete happiness.  Happiness comes from being content with what you have and striving towards the goal of Jannah.  What I was missing whenever I encountered a problem was the feeding of my rooh with quran and salah and making intense dua.  Instead my mind and heart were clogged with useless junk that didn’t help me.  This Ramadan the rooh was satiated and the heart was at peace simply by turning to the Quran, the salah and making Dua.  Thus serving me as a great reminder that problems/harships don’t get solved by being distratcted by entertainment, they are there to show you of an even bigger problem which is that of your unfed soul.  Once the soul is fed with what it needs, these problems become solvable and ease comes within the hardships.4190088-flying-air-ballons-reflections
  5. One of the things that gave me excitement this Ramadan and still does now, is the concept of dua.  I am a hopeful person by nature, and I realized I had stopped hoping for better things, for better way to live simply cuz I had lacked making firm dua.  I remembered that when I first started practicing, dua was my lifeline.  I prayed for everything and was happy because I did.  Anytime I wanted something that was extremely important I even made the effort to consistently pray tahajud.  I had forgotten this simple concept of dua and my eman had become rusty.  Instead of going after what I want and making dua to Allah for it, I had settled into just accepting the situation as is or relying on people to get what I want.  I watched Muhammad Alshareef’s dua videos this Ramadan and I remembered what added excitement to my life.  Just because I had gotten married and had kids didn’t mean that I didn’t still have dreams I wanted to pursue.  I remembered my dreams for myself, for my family and made intense dua and will inshaAllah never stop making it now cuz now I know that when problems/harships strike, it is easy to just get distracted with entertainment.  But the Muslim makes dua and than seeks solutions and ease and knows for certain that Allah will answer every sincere dua.
  6. Ramadan taught me I want to do useful things that impact people in a positive way and the best place to start that positive impact is with my family.

After having these reflections in Ramadan, I am more determined than ever to fill my time with useful productive things and to have a purpose behind anything that I do and to abstain from purposeless screen time.  I’m also more determined to go after the h sisters’ dreams of having a successful blog that is of benefit and to go after my own dream of making the Quran my companion. of finding good company for my family, and of homeschooling my two biggest Naimahs (blessings) in this life.  I’d love to hear how this Ramadan has changed you or instilled a good habit in you.  Feel free to comment below and let us know as we love hearing from you all.


“Take benefit of five before five. Your youth before your old age, your health before your sickness, your wealth before your poverty, your free time before you’re preoccupied, and your life before your death.” Prophet Muhammed (SAW).

This Hadith is very well known. But when we are young and we stumble upon it, we put it in our mind and then it gets lost somewhere. (more…)

monday morning inspiration

Happy Monday! The following are a few quotes from this book that I am currently reading that have inspired me to think genuinely positive thoughts. Enjoy!

  • “Train yourself to recognize your thoughts, to better understand your feelings, and remember: you are not your (negative) thoughts”
  • “If it doesn’t go against the teachings of Islam and brings you joy – then go do it”
  • “Watch out for irrational thinking such as the belief that life (including you) should be perfect”
  • “Make peace with the fact that we don’t get everything we want in this life”

Also here’s my random tip of the day! A great way to prevent bad breath during fasting is to take a spoon or tongue scraper and just scrape your tongue anytime you feel your breath is not so fresh. This gets rid of the bad breath, leaves your mouth feeling cleaner, and also doesn’t break your fast in the process. Try it this Ramadan and let me know how it works for you!



All of us have them, those dreaded days where you feel that things could not get any worse or what feels like all your difficulties are coming all in one instance, and goals seem unachievable. This post is meant to reflect on how to get through those types of days.
Tip # 1: Pray, Pray, Pray
It’s important to perform your daily prayers while having a bad day or feeling like you are having a setback in life. In fact it becomes actually a remedy and helps keep you focused. It takes your mind off of your difficulties and helps keep you focused on your true purpose in life. It helps you realize that prayer is not a burden, but more of a safe haven.

Tip #2: Stick to most of your To-Do list

When you are trying to obtain goals, you hopefully have a list or some type of reminder to remind yourself of daily tasks that you need to accomplish in order to achieve your goals. When suffering from a setback on your goals or in life in general, it’s important to try to do as much as you can on your list. It makes you feel like you are actually working towards your goals, and refocuses your energy, negative thoughts, and feelings you are having at the moment into something productive. When things seem out of control, it’s important to remind yourself of what it is that you can control and what you can do to move forward so that you regain some of that control, and feel more at peace.


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