1. Say Au’dubillah – say and seek refuge from the Shaytan. Remind yourself that anger is coming from the Shaytan. People will get defensive when you tell them to say that because they often forget that the source of anger is from the Shaytan. 

2. Be quiet. 

3. If standing, sit down. If sitting, lay down. Take this negative action and turn it into a positive action.

4. Focus on NOT getting angry. If you concentrate and don’t let your emotions get to you, you can train yourself to control it.

5. Train yourself to diffuse this anger. You CAN get away from it. It is NOT impossible. Don’t make excuses that this is just in your genes to get angry quickly, because through proper training and practice, you can easily diffuse it if you believe in yourself.

6. Be someone who’s forgiving and tolerant.

7. Practice generosity (with your words and with your mind). Being generous is one step beyond just simply forgiving, it is taking the anger or what made you angry and completely erasing it from your memory. Respond with that which is BEST. 

8. Whenever you get angry, look at yourself in the mirror. You will most definitely not like what you see and want to stop. Kids know this firsthand as when a parent gets angry at them they can look scary or intimidating. 

9. Make Wudu.  If that doesn’t help, take a shower/bath. If all this doesn’t help and you are still angry, seek counseling! It should go away or decrease by trying one of these techniques.

10. Make du’aa.

May Allah swt help us all to be more patient with ourselves and with others. Ameen.

These are some notes I took from an AlMaghrib Class taught by Shaykh Yaser Birjas, The Prophet’s Smile.