Throw it out! I dare you!

I felt really inspired after reading an awesome quote on Instagram by author Safiya Hussain of a book titled, “Happiness Everyday.” It’s a book describing little ideas that can bring happiness to your daily life and day 138 went something like this:

Organize your space. Minimize clutter, file papers, hang clothes up, clean surfaces, throw out unused items. Keep your surroundings tidy so your mind feels calm and at peace. ‘And Allah has made for you from your homes a place of rest.’ -Quran 16:80

Even though I had been de-cluttering on and off, this quote along with the verse from the Quran really hit home. It reminded me of how Allah has made the purpose of our homes be a place where we can relax and love our surroundings. And somehow we add things without being mindful and end up in chaos that doesn’t always bring peace.

“The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.”image

If you follow the latest articles that have recently come out about de-cluttering, you may have come across Marie Kondo’s book, “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.” More specifically is the actual Konmari method which is what author Marie Kondo came up with in her many years of experience with tidying. Her main idea is to touch and feel objects and see the sentiment behind them. Does it spark joy? If it does then obviously you keep it. If not then dump it. I highly recommend you read her book because at the very least it was a very therapeutic experience for me to see my possessions in a new light. To see what I had been neglecting and holding onto and how that was adding baggage for me.

She discusses how things get thrown around and abused and if you don’t truly love them then you should set them free. People might assume that if you get rid of so much then it would be expensive because you would go out and buy more things to replace it. But the brilliance behind her book and her ideas is that she wants you to decrease your volume. Decrease it and see space in your room, on your shelf, in your hallways, in your house. See the space so you feel internally free. Your mind will not be busy with the things around and it will be free to focus on more important things.¬†Also it can help you to become very conscious about what you buy and you will only buy what you truly love. When you only buy what you truly love you will cherish it more and take care of it better. And it will create a cycle of betterment for you in your life. You will be surrounded by what you love and be at peace and you will not buy just to buy. You will be aware of what you buy.
The reason this hit home for me was because for us as Muslims we know we should not just treat ourselves and people kindly. We should also treat the earth we live on kindly. And with so much stuff and clutter you don’t use, you are wasting a lot. When you see the stuff you don’t use visually then it makes you accountable for what you have been doing all your life. And being mindful and accountable for our actions and possessions is something we should do now. Stay tuned for more on my journey of de-cluttering. But for now I leave you with the thought about being mindful. Do the things around you really bring you peace in your home, or are they just clutter?

*Check out Marie Kondo’s book, “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” to learn more in depth. Also for thoughtful happiness tips to start your days check out Safiya Hussain’s book “Happiness Everyday.”