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Image by H.Sisters

Happy Spring! Although spring’s official start is this Saturday, I can’t help but notice that the flowers are starting to bud, the weather is getting warmer, the tree leaves are turning green again, and the scent of spring is back in the air ever so slightly! As spring rolls around, I know I like to have a little bit of change in my life. Something to get me motivated to enjoy my favorite season. One of these things is designing my Spring wreath.

A wreath is something I think of as one of the first things a visitor will see when entering your house. It makes your place more inviting and it puts your first mark on your home. I have always wanted to have a wreath for every season to hang up on my door. However when I went shopping for one, I found that most wreaths cost up to $40! When you want one for every season that cost can add up! So I did some digging, and I went to my local craft store (Jo Ann Fabrics and/or Michael’s). I ended up making my own wreath and changing it up for every season and saved a ton of money this way(the initial cost was half of the pre-made wreaths). For each season I have just bought a few new items to hang on my wreath and it has been about $5-$10 to remake the wreath for every season. That’s a steal if you ask me!

So, I put together a list of materials you will need and some simple instructions on how you can save money and create something that is truly yours. Hope it helps!

Items needed:
1. Wreath Frame (I use a grapevine wreath for most seasons)
2. Florist Wire
3. Fake flowers/leaves/berries/pinecones/etc.
4. Command Strip

1.Rip off the fake flowers from the stems. Usually it is just glued on and can still be in tact. If it’s a little harder I usually cut them with a knife or scissor.
2. Cut off a piece of the florist wire and wrap it around on edge of your flower.
3. Wrap the other end of the wire in the wreath. Usually I do this by sticking the end into the wreath and then looping or twisting it around very tight. Stick any ends of the wire into the wreath.
Keep going until you have it winded around all the way around one of the twigs of the wreath frame.
4. Place the command strip on your door and hang your new wreath on top!

Happy Crafting!