Sometimes it’s the little people in your life, i.e. your kids, nieces, nephews, cousins that make you reflect on your habits.
For me it was my niece last weekend that made me aware of changes that were needed not only for myself, but for her as well since you realize that you have little ones looking up to you. For about two weekends in a row I had been making cupcakes with her. I always really enjoy cooking with her  because she loves to cook and help in the kitchen and I get to spend quality time with her.

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Image by H.Sisters

Last weekend, she had asked if we can bake cupcakes again and have a movie night. That really hit me because I realized I was not being a good example by consistently making an unhealthy treat for her that now it was becoming a habit and an expectation of hers I knew something had to change. So I went on good ol’ Pinterest to get some ideas for some healthy treats that she would love. This girl loves rainbows and loves anything and everything that involves rainbows, so we ended up making rainbow fruit kabobs together (a fruit for each color of the rainbow) and she had a really good time, and I felt an ease of conscientiousness making something healthy with her. Win-Win all around.

I hope this post helps you get creative with being healthy in the kitchen with your loved ones, I wanted to make sure I made something healthy but took into consideration what she loved so that it would be something that she would want to participate in. I wanted it to be a good memory for her so that she associated positivism and fun with healthy eating.