Image result for finding focusIt only takes a couple of days of not eating to realize how much informational junk our minds take in on a daily basis.  In this age of technology and social media there is so much useless information our mind are use to absorbing leading to a cluttered brain and unfocused lives.  Ramadan teaches us again what is useful and what is not.  I am able to see how ridiculous that show was that I binge watched or how some articles I read make no sense and are not worth my time.  Ramadan teaches us that the Quran is useful, the seerah is useful, pursuing your passions is useful, mending your family relationships is useful and the list goes on.  The taqwa that is attained in Ramadan pushes our consciousness to judge if the action I am doing is helping or hurting my deen and/or my dunya and this in turn makes us realize what actions I should pursue and which I should leave.