It’s so very hard to keep up in the momentum of this thing called life. Even if at some point in life you may have so many things going perfect for you, God tests you and throws some curve balls in the mix to see how you deal with them. As believers, we strive to face these tests with patience, believing that Allah (swt) will help us get through the struggle. However, that is easier said than done. Sometimes when things aren’t going so well for you it is so hard to find the blessings in disguise at that certain moment. You could doubt yourself and your ability to overcome your struggles. You could begin thinking negatively and responding with angst in almost every situation because of the stress it has put on you. But something that has helped me that a dear friend once told me, is that in that certain moment you should just make Dua. Make dua that Allah give you strength to overcome the struggle and that He reward you for even going through it. That really helped me put things into perspective. Allah, the Most Merciful is there for you when no one else is. He knows what you’re going through when no one else gets it. He and only He can help you through it and allow you to seek the patience and reward for going through that difficulty. Going back to Allah and realizing that your happiness is completely dependent upon your relationship with Him is the key to finding the strength to get through these tests and difficulties in life.

Alhamdulillah Allah blessed me with a wonderful healthy baby girl 3 months ago. And in dealing with some rough complications during my recovery, I have found that the most helpful thing to me was seeing my duaas get answered. And even if that duaa took ages to get answered – I knew that Allah was listening to me. That is motivation. That is the struggle. Sometimes you don’t see your duaa getting answered. That does not mean He did not listen. That does not mean you won’t be rewarded for it in the next life or through another situation unbeknownst to you.  How amazing is that? It is so important to REFLECT on the fact that Allah will still give you if you ask Him. There’s no limit. There’s no LIMIT because He loves you and wants the best for you. And that is what helps me to find the motivation during such difficult times. Knowing that my love for Him was all that matters because He is always with you and will always be there for you so long as you seek Him through troubling times and continue to worship Him in the blessed good times as well.