As we touched before, Ramadan is a month where hearts are softened due to becoming more focused on worship of Allah and giving the Quran a chance to enter your heart. This effect creates empathy and compassion towards others. The root of becoming more empathetic towards others is always thinking good of others to begin with. Not everyone is out to get you all the time. Not everyone who disagrees with you is doing so to attack you on a personal level. Not everyone who says wrong things to you are doing it to hurt you, they may do it because they just have no filter or aren’t mindful of what they’re saying out loud. They may even begin to feel bad about it afterwards and never have the courage to speak up to you.

We are only in control of how we act and how we react in these types of situations. Ramadan allows us to think good of pretty much everything and have a positive outlook on even the worst of situations. This is a month of Mercy where we can act merciful towards others even when they do wrong to us, we can always make excuses for them and learn to think good of them as a result.