When you fast from food and water all day, your other senses become much more stronger. For example, your nose can smell a lot of things due to your conscious effort not to eat or drink anything. I know when my husband actually walks in the door and correctly guesses that I put bell peppers in the chicken salan, that this man is definitely fasting because on any other normal day he would just say “What’s a bell pepper” LOL, but I digress. Because you are refraining from food and drink you have more energy in your body for other things that you would have not imagined being so good at. You begin to listen to the other person more and understand where they’re coming from. You begin to drop the pettiness because frankly it just takes too much energy to argue on small issues. And one of the most important things I find that happens while fasting is I become more mindful of others and the situation at hand. I find myself more in tune with what another is trying to say to me, or I put more attention on others’ reactions to certain things and draw upon more accurate conclusions from it. You begin to think a little before you speak or do something because you aren’t doing things so carelessly.

This is the beauty of fasting in Ramadan. It helps your relationships with your family and friends because you start to give more attention to what matters rather than mindlessly just going about your day and not listening or caring about another person’s feelings. And it also helps your relationship with your own self. You self assess and reflect on certain things in life that you would’ve never given a second thought of. Take the time to actually read through an article instead of looking at the comments first. Take the time to take in another’s body language while they are making their point to see what is stressing them out. Take the time to thoroughly assess the situation of your current self in order to create a more positive YOU.