Ramadan is a chance to change yourself for the better. It’s a chance to help renew your own self and get rid of bad habits. It is also a chance to strengthen ties with your family. Because you can’t really do anything else, it’s an opportunity to spend some time with your family when otherwise you wouldn’t have. It’s also a time to come together and eat together as a family over Suhoor or Iftar. No matter how early Suhoor is, it’s important to try to spend some quality time with your family because there is blessing in that. Since our hearts are softened and Shaytan is locked up, it is that much easier to try to look past our differences in our families and just focus on being more positive and giving time to your parents, children, siblings, and/or cousins.Once we realize that we should put family as a priority before anyone else, we learn that family is truly everything and the reason behind our happiness and reassurance in life.