I’ve noticed a lot of talk about gratitude. Being grateful and feeling good as a result. Having a grateful state of mind. But talk is less effective unless put into practice. The month of Ramadan has really reminded me of the need to be grateful. Sometimes during the course of the year we assume we are being grateful but Ramadan really forces the soul to really see things in a slower pace. It hopefully forces us to see all the things we have been taking for granted. Sometimes those things can be as small as daily meals and actually having food to eat for iftar or warm water for our showers when we feel icky. It can be bigger things like the beautiful happiness of our children or easily being able to afford gifts for eid. If we can’t have empathy for those less fortunate and see how blessed we truly are then how effective have our fasts truly been? There are so many around the world suffering horribly and when we realize that we aren’t one of them, we should be nothing but grateful to Allah for giving us the opportunity to do so much in our lives. To live our life to its full potential without any fear inshallah.

May Allah continue to keep our hearts filled with gratitude. May we always help those less fortunate and use our gifts and talents to do good in the world. May we not take the small and big things for granted and may we especially not take life for granted. Ameen.