There are (way too many) moments in my day that I tend to spend just scrolling through my phone. The internet can be so convenient and yet so torturous to one’s productivity in life. I have found myself checking all my social media apps and then going through what seems like a loop throughout the day and just checking, checking, checking. I mean, sure I’m up to date on a ton of things, but what good is that doing me in my daily routine? In the masjid during Ramadan I rarely ever see anyone on their phones. They’re focused on worship, on these blessed moments that will not come again very soon and will go by quickly before they know it. They’re inspired by their own spirits just lifting at the remembrance of their Lord. I realize you can not be inspired to write, to be productive, to live a better life, until you truly disconnect from this mindless routine of checking your phone. You have to recharge and reconnect your energy and channel it in prayer so that you can find yourself again. Ramadan is a chance to do that. To disconnect from all that is mundane and petty in life. To focus on the good things. To give you back that energy you have been lacking the rest of the year. I hope to find a balance and to really just keep on focusing my energy towards worship, being in the present, and living life the way it should be lived.