Granted there are hangry moments during our fasting days of Ramadan, there are still lessons we can learn. One thing to notice is how energy is decreased naturally. Even if we get angry, we tend to lose energy fairly quickly and can’t fully hang onto our anger or let problems dwell for too long. We don’t have that strong willpower inside to be so angry. But most of all it gives a sense of perspective at the unnecessary moments of anger in and outside of Ramadan. Times where we tend to lash out or boil inside and it hurts no one but us. This realization of what anger is doing to us essentially helps to make us better. It helps to create a need to lose all the anger and stop wasting energy. And hopefully this helps to remove anger in unwanted ways from impacting our lives outside of Ramadan. Hopefully this helps to turn our life into a more meaningful and positive one and create more happy moments rather than angry ones. May Allah guide us and keep us strong enough to quiet our angry selves. May He help us control the unwanted anger and do things that only please Him. Ameen.