I feel like sometimes as we go through our mundane lifestyles, we have a fixed emotion. We have a serious outlook on life and a need to just pursue the next task at hand. Maybe that’s not everyone but I feel sometimes we don’t acknowledge our inner soul and see what it’s been craving. Alhumdulillah for Ramadan because fasting during this month and doing good deeds helps to get in touch with our soul. And lately I’ve felt that we have been lacking in our hope of Allah. The hope that because we are on the right path, that everything will be ok in the end. The hope that Allah wants us to be happy and be true to our nature and our soul. The hope that we are strong enough to overcome any challenge that we face and that we are never alone. Hope allows the soul to gently smile and be at peace. It helps fuel us to be our best selves. It gives us optimism in a sometimes not so positive world. And it can act as a drive for us to do better than we did yesterday. I have hope in us. I have hope in or tomorrow. I have hope in Allah. May Allah give us hope and optimism to navigate this world. May He give us hope and courage to be our best and true selves. May He give us strength to not lose hope when times get tough. Ameen.