Sometimes we plan big plans in Ramadan. Sometimes we jump right in and start without a thought. Whatever our case, when we come out of Ramadan, something is different. I’ve tried to plan and think of things I want to accomplish in ramadan. Having kids has made that a bit more difficult. I know easier times lie ahead but this year I didn’t write down my plans. I just wanted to notice what was before making a bunch of plans I might not follow through on. I wanted to see what clutter was in my life and let Ramadan help me sort it out. I noticed some emotions I didn’t like so I worked on those. Knowing for the whole month that I own these feelings. They are my own. I also noticed habits that were my own and noticed no one is pushing my buttons. I am responsible for me. I also looked at things I was doing that I liked. I did more of those. And through the month I persisted in just these small things. I felt they were small because I had not planned them out. At the end I noticed that they were big things. They left me truly changed. And that is the best feeling. To know that change is possible in this month and to know how easy it is made for us is a true blessing. This change I hope to carry and I hope to continue to do even better. To strive to better myself and accept the changes as they come. Accept them as easily as I accepted the coming of Ramadan.
May Allah change us all for the better. May we all be guided to the straight path through our changes. May we please Allah with all of our soul. Ameen.