This Ramadan I came across an article (or a few), by Sadaf Farooqi.

The Nuances of Sincerity.

This specific article actually tackles not only a person’s own struggle to be sincere in their lives, but also helpful advice about toxic people. And who hasn’t dealt with toxic people? Sometimes we don’t have to interact with them daily but other times as we grow up we see that maybe in our past some people were toxic in our lives or currently we have been dealing with them and not realizing it. This isn’t to draw attention to them but rather to ourselves in how to stay sincere in spite of those people. And it occurred to me that there’s a link between toxic people in our lives and productivity. Toxic people in our lives drag us down. And usually that dragging down comes at a price. We feel down or pulled into negativity for a bit and it takes effort to really pull out of it. If we keep doing this day in and day out, that daily struggle actually drains our energy which could be better used for more productive things like living life the way we want and the way we hope by pleasing Allah and doing good. When these toxic people come in the way it takes time and energy and struggle to push it back out and when you look back you realize you could have finished many projects if you hadn’t been so caught up in unnecessary baggage that wasn’t even yours. To understand more I hope you read the article and as a mental health resolution, try to focus on what matters to you and less on those toxic people or thoughts.

May Allah make us sincere people who are productive in doing good in our lives. May we be protected from toxic people and thoughts. May we always be able to see reality as it really is. Ameen.