There’s a need in our world today to disconnect. Disconnect from the screens. The internet. The tv. The iPad. The phone. The news. The gossip. The trends. The status updates. But what do you do when you disconnect? Something that we have forgotten is the rest of our five senses due to our staying so connected to technology in the age of information.
Sometimes it helps to remember things we used to do before we became so dependent on our phones and screens. We used to talk to people one on one without looking down at our phones. We used to play and engage with children and be present. We used to be mindful when we ate and actually enjoyed majority of our meals. We used to go to the park and actually look around and feel the breeze and notice the green trees and grass and hear the children’s laughter. We used to walk and feel the ache in our feet and the feel the distance in our muscles. We may still be doing many of these things but we sometimes lose mindfulness of the smallest activities. We just add a screen to the mix and we aren’t fully there anymore. This Ramadan I noticed myself letting go of screens and actually connecting to the world around me. The world that existed before and the world that will be there long after. But the world that is ever changing and I’m missing it because of my screen.

May Allah help us all to create healthy habits with our electronic devices. May we engage and connect to all the blessings around us. Ameen.