The world has been going through some very harsh times. Not only the earth but also its people. People are being slaughtered and shot in games of war. Lives are being treated like currency. Exchanging this life for that. All without the say of the people involved. When the news at home has stories of all this fighting and hurt and all of our social media pages reaffirm what’s going on, what are we to do? What’s missing?

On a minimal scale, we are missing empathy. That powerful ability to understand someone else. To be able to put ourself in their shoes and feel what they feel as though it’s our own pain, our own hurt. Empathy should be in our hearts. It should drive us to feel the pain of others’ losses. It should drive us to donate out of the comfort of our homes to those who live and eat cardboard boxes. It should drive us to use our resources to reach out. It should drive us to be able to recognize someone’s difference and still accept them as our fellow humans. We are the inheritors of the earth, if we don’t take care of its people, then what are we even doing?