I’ve noticed something as I’ve gotten older. People sometimes shun the idea of being gentle. Having a tender heart that feels is something not typically viewed as strong or brave. It’s as though not feeling much with your heart and being able to go through life mastering this is more stronger and helpful in the long run. That’s the idea anyway. But when it plays out in reality, a lack of gentle emotions and gentle behavior tends to create more troubles. People can’t relate to someone who is rigid in manner and behavior. They can acknowledge and work with it but they can’t relate and get to the core. Because we connect with our hearts. And if we have locked up our heart then we have locked up that ability to connect. Maybe there is good reason why it’s locked up. But it’s time to open it. Especially when it comes to humans and children in general. Showing them our gentle emotions and allowing them to feel their gentle emotions lets them work through it to be more capable of handling them when they come again. It’s a healthy way for them to be able to understand something they don’t understand much of. And it’s something that heals relationships. Just being gentle and removing the sarcasm and jokes from your outer layer. Even though it can make you vulnerable to pain when someone else doesn’t view it as strong or makes fun of it, that’s actually only because their heart isn’t yet gentle. Maybe after seeing you gentle they may change. Whatever the case, you are responsible for you and your heart is meant to feel softly. And you have to start by being kind and gentle to yourself. Forgive yourself and start new.