This Ramadan was very memorable to me because I went through many tests and trials. I also saw much of my family go through their own struggles as well. I realized I need to turn to Allah and seek His help in hopes that He will answer my duaa. Making duaa for something you need at that moment requires a ton of patience. It’s a test in and of itself to wait for His answer. Sometimes that answer may be in the next life for you, or that answer may be in the form of something good brought to you during another situation you need help in. The key is knowing and believing that your Lord is there for you, and that He is always there to listen to your worries and troubles. He is always there to help you. That should suffice in helping keep you patient in this life. Something else that truly helps is making tahajjud prayer in Ramadan. The nights are so short, so this is to our advantage that it is made easier for us to wake up and pray to our Lord and make duaa for what you want and need in life. Allah is listening to you. This ramadan was so memorable because even though I was tested, making duaa during the blessed month turned out to be very fruitful. I was able to see the benefit in all of these tests that were given to me and my family. I was able to internalize the struggle and be grateful that Allah brought me through it. Be patient, because it truly pays off, for Allah is always with you.