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Saba is a mother of 2 wonderful boys. She loves long summer days, cool summer nights, exercise, the great outdoors, audiobooks and macarons. The goal she is most passionate about is leaving behind a beautiful legacy (sadqa jariya) of kindness, compassion and forgiveness. She hopes to achieve this goal through parenting and through sharing insights on a variety of topics on this blog.

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Sana is a mother of 2 girls and homeschooling her first born. She loves journaling, watching nature, trying healthy recipes, and her daily cold coffee. She cherishes bursts of downtime in her day and sometimes dabbles into art through painting, photography, ceramics, and sewing. If you want to explain something, do it in detail as she appreciates it and sometimes can’t figure life out without it.

Saman, who is newly engaged, enjoys spending time with family and friends, chai, coffee, learning, nature (with the exception of animals that she is scared of), food, health topics, and documentaries. Most important is her love of floral prints, good style, and the color purple.


Saleha loves designing, hiking, sunsets, gourmet donuts, ocean waves, and good weather. She is a California native who relocated to the East Coast and enjoys traveling to different states and countries with her husband and newborn daughter.