Earlier this year, I had my baby shower and decided for it to be a small and intimate gathering. It was lots of fun planning the whole thing and seeing my friends and family enjoy the activities. Listed below are a few design ideas and baby shower activities (with an Islamic twist) I chose. Enjoy!

Since the baby shower was in a cold winter month, I figured it would be best to go with a winter theme. At the time the baby’s gender was not known so the color scheme was white and gold, with aqua accents.

I bought most of the items seen below from the clearance section at Target. They had a huge sale after Christmas that really helped me cut costs. I had the cake and cupcakes made from a nearby bakery (cake topper from HBSouthernInspired shop on Etsy!), Ferrero Rocher for the candy jar and teacups, and a talented family member made delicious chocolate covered strawberries. Baby’s breath flowers were the perfect flowers to decorate the table with considering it is for a baby shower!

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Happy Spring! Although spring’s official start is this Saturday, I can’t help but notice that the flowers are starting to bud, the weather is getting warmer, the tree leaves are turning green again, and the scent of spring is back in the air ever so slightly! As spring rolls around, I know I like to have a little bit of change in my life. Something to get me motivated to enjoy my favorite season. One of these things is designing my Spring wreath.

A wreath is something I think of as one of the first things a visitor will see when entering your house. It makes your place more inviting and it puts your first mark on your home. I have always wanted to have a wreath for every season to hang up on my door. However when I went shopping for one, I found that most wreaths cost up to $40! When you want one for every season that cost can add up! So I did some digging, and I went to my local craft store (Jo Ann Fabrics and/or Michael’s). I ended up making my own wreath and changing it up for every season and saved a ton of money this way(the initial cost was half of the pre-made wreaths). For each season I have just bought a few new items to hang on my wreath and it has been about $5-$10 to remake the wreath for every season. That’s a steal if you ask me!


Throw it out! I dare you!

I felt really inspired after reading an awesome quote on Instagram by author Safiya Hussain of a book titled, “Happiness Everyday.” It’s a book describing little ideas that can bring happiness to your daily life and day 138 went something like this:

Organize your space. Minimize clutter, file papers, hang clothes up, clean surfaces, throw out unused items. Keep your surroundings tidy so your mind feels calm and at peace. ‘And Allah has made for you from your homes a place of rest.’ -Quran 16:80

Even though I had been de-cluttering on and off, this quote along with the verse from the Quran really hit home. It reminded me of how Allah has made the purpose of our homes be a place where we can relax and love our surroundings. And somehow we add things without being mindful and end up in chaos that doesn’t always bring peace.

“The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.”image

If you follow the latest articles that have recently come out about de-cluttering, you may have come across Marie Kondo’s book, “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.” More specifically is the actual Konmari method which is what author Marie Kondo came up with in her many years of experience with tidying. Her main idea is to touch and feel objects and see the sentiment behind them. Does it spark joy? If it does then obviously you keep it. If not then dump it. I highly recommend you read her book because at the very least it was a very therapeutic experience for me to see my possessions in a new light. To see what I had been neglecting and holding onto and how that was adding baggage for me.


If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it.

  -William Arthur Ward

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Dream boards are a great way to have a constant visual of your goals. This idea of using visualization to help achieve your goals is something that is very prominent in sports, business, and psychology.

A dream board is not going to accomplish your dreams for you. Taking actions towards your goals is what’s going to get you there, and only you can determine on how best to implement those actions. Think of a dream board as a tool to help you get there. As are any other motivational tools, they are just tools, but you have to want something bad enough to accomplish it.