People always blame the parents and more so the mother when their kids misbehave.  Yet, when the kids are successful those same people forget to give credit to the parents and often credit the kids themselves for their success.  This is similar to our relationship with Allah at times.  We are able to do good and we praise ourselves, yet when we fall short or fall into sin we blame Allah for not giving us the opportunity to do good or we blame shaytan for leading us that way. You should always remember where you came from. And remember to give credit where credit is due.

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1. It gives you a sense of security …that same secure feeling you felt when growing up in your parents’ house, over time you feel that with your spouse.

2.  You are always learning.  Through good times and bad you are constantly learning about the other person and about yourself.

3.  It makes you grow.  Having the best Ikhlaq (manners) with your spouse is so much harder than having it with others. Hence you learn to work on your character and it makes you grow into a better person inshaAllah. (more…)

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I remember learning the Quran as something academic; something I had to learn to read as a Muslim.  It was never explained to me WHY I was learning to read this, nor was it explained to me what this book actually was.  Most of us grew up this way through no fault of those who raised us.  We learned how to read the Quran but never did we learn that it was the guidance for our life, never was the relationship with the quran stressed.  We learned the Quran from people who had memorized the Quran but didn’t necessarily understand it, or had a relationship with it themselves. Hence many times we were threatened with punishment if we didn’t read it correctly.  As my son begins to hit the age of three and as I start to figure out how I am going to teach him, there are some things in my mind that I have promised to do/or not do when it comes to teaching the Quran.  Here’s a list of those:

1.  I must love the Quran, have a relationship with the Quran and understand its importance in order to teach my kids to love this book and turn to it for Guidance.  Have you ever taken a class from a professor that really loves what he is teaching?  If you have you will realize that when they love it, it is so easy to love learning it even if it is not a subject that you like.  This is how I want my kids to learn and I want them to be around teachers who teach them because they love the Quran themselves. (more…)

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

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You visit the doctor early in the moring and wait for what seems like the longest 15 minutes when the doctor finally gives you the good news that you are expecting!  “Alhamdullilah!” you say and smile at your husband.  You are excited and can’t wait to begin this new adventure.  However as the pregnancy progresses, you are shocked at the hurtful and sometimes rude comments made by other women who have gone through this stage in their life.  The sympathy, care and sensitivity you were expecting from other women is absent, and at times it can only be found in close family members.  Casual comments made with a smirk such as “Can you believe how big you have gotten?” leave you in tears.  (more…)

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