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“Do you want to go visit your nani’s (grandma) grave with us?”  The question was suddenly asked by her mother interrupting her thoughts.  Visiting her grandmother’s grave was  a yearly tradition by her family on Eid (festival or celebration).  This time she did not say no, this time something inside her wanted a change and said “yes.” (more…)

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One of my most favorite sessions I enjoyed at IlmSummit 2010 was Tarbiya, taught by Shaykh Yasir Qadhi; Fresh in the morning following breakfast and our after-Fajr(Morning Prayer) Quran recitations. This year we learned about Al-Tirmidhi’s most famous book, Al Jami’.  Last year the students learned about Bukhari, and I didn’t know what to expect now that we were learning about Tirmidhi, who was a student of Bukhari, but I now know that I really underestimated this entire class.  Studying the life of Tirmidhi made me realize how we really lack that passion that it takes to be a good student. There are many takeways from the life of Tirmidhi, especially for a student. Keep reading to check out more about his life, and how to be a better student from his lessons. (more…)

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Thriving for change in me

Something only Allah sees

Accounting for all my deeds

I have only Allah to please

Threatened by so many

Evil stares left and right

Strangers to this world

We endure a long flight

Our rewards lie with Him

Our comfort and our tears

We head to him with love

Along with hope and fear

We pray He forgive us

We pray He accept us all

We pray He runs to us

To catch us when we fall

Backbiting is a major sin in Islam and it consists of many kinds of talk, some of which includes:  talking about someone in a manner they would dislike, mocking someone, making fun of someone, picking on a person’s faults, and the list goes on.  Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala (exalted is He) says in  “Woe to every scorner and mocker” (Quran, 104:1) and then Allah (swt) explains the awful punishment awaiting someone who does this.  The punishment itself should be enough of a deterrent for us not to engage is such a grievous sin.  Yet if you see yourself engaging in this sin and you know it is wrong, here are some ways that may prevent you from doing so.

1.  Practice staying silent.  Keeping your mouth shut when you are bored, or when something has upset you will allow you to not say what you will later regret.  Silence will allow you to deeply think about how you are feeling and whether what will come out of your mouth will be considered a sin.   Allow yourself to sleep on it and the time will make you see that what you want to say is not really worth saying   and that it will be consider a sin.  (more…)

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