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This is the month of Quran.  All the extra time we have now can be focused on getting to know His Book and pondering on the verses and how these verses can change our lives.  Its amazing how taking away the blessing of food leads us to be thankful for all the other blessings in our lives and how the mind just absorbs and internalizes what Allah says in His Book in a way that is unlike any other month.

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It’s amazing how the month of Ramadan simplifies things.  From the amount you eat to what you are physically capable of doing becomes limited, so you are forced to pick the most important things to focus your limited energy.  This makes life simple because you don’t have the energy to waste on life’s little distractions, instead lofty goals (such as becoming better people or connecting to the Quran) become the main focus.  This month shows us that the simplicity gives us peace and makes us happy.

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Assalamu Alaykum! Ramadan Mubarak from all of us at H Sisters.  May we all use this month to build healthy habits and make our hearts soft through the Quran. This month is usually full of great reflections and thoughts that are otherwise lacking in other months.  The barakah of this month!  Every day this month we will inshaAllah post a short reflection that reshaped our negative thoughts to more positive ones and made us realize of the great Rahma of this month.  Please be sure to check this space out every day this month and feel free to leave us with your own reflections or random thoughts in the comments section.  We love hearing from you guys!

In the Muslim Indo-Pak culture, girls are taught at a young age that their “real home” is not with their parents but will eventually be with their husband. From the day a girl is born, the parents in the Desi culture prepare themselves and their daughters to eventually leave the nest to her “real home” with her husband. Essentially the parents are prepared to let their daughter go when the time comes. This kind of letting go mentality does not accompany the raising of boys which consequently results in the many problems we have today in Desi Muslim households. The notion of letting a son go in Desi culture is absurd and unnecessary. Sons are meant to be “ours” to keep while the daughters are who we are supposed to let go.


The truth is that our kids (regardless of gender) are not ours to keep. They are given to us as a gift for a limited time and when that time is over we must let both a son and a daughter go to the life they’ve chosen to live. This is what strong mothers do. They let go knowing that this letting go, as painful as it is, will not only make their children stronger but will also give them a beautiful, mutually loving and respectful relationship with their sons and daughters.

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